Saturday, August 2, 2014

2 - 8 - 1990 - A Day of Peace

Today marks the 24th anniversary of Aug 2nd. Some of us would remember the bad side of that experience. Some of us would reflect. To me, this day, is no longer a day of hate and rejection of fate.

I'm grateful for Allah for the tons of blessings we are showered with everyday, especially for allowing me to move forward and be able to live gratefully. It is saddening to see some of us get too bored with life to actually acknowledge and appreciate the many blessings they already have, and instead, start whining over trivial things. It's also bad to see some of us still refuse to move forward and open their hearts to peace.

The memory of Aug 2nd should not be a day to wail over past pains. It should not be a day of digging up some old feelings of fear, anxiety, betrayal, anger, and hatred, or a replay of past agonizing memories. Instead, it should be a day of reflection and appreciation towards the blessings we have, ; those uncountable blessings that we take for granted. Let's make Aug 2nd a day of reflection and appreciation, not a wailing day. Wailing will never do us any good, and it will only make us go backwards, stuck in the past.

Reflecting upon the good in the world should bring more of it so, let us do more of that. I pray for peace and love to prevail in the hearts of those who have forgotten what it is to be pure at heart, those who have been too broken to see the truth, those who have been betrayed and thus became betrayers themselves. I pray that light and wisdom shines, lives, and conquers, and that darkness and ignorance erodes. I pray for humanity.


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