Monday, June 11, 2012

What's Wrong with my Pictures??!!!

What's Wrong with my Pictures??!!!

So, here I am, after a long time off my beloved blog, and after a hard-working semester, I come, with all my love and passion, missing my dear blog, to find this!

What the hell is going on??!!!

Please, someone tell me! My heart is already aching! I thought it was just my browser, so I checked my blog on my mobile and I got the same thing! What is that?? Why am I missing my photos! I was just checking my blog a day or two ago and everything was fine!

I tried opening and saving a picture but it was saved just the way it is appearing on the shot! Black with that warning sign!

It seems like the pictures are only ones not appearing; the videos and the pics in the links are still visible:


Waaait a minute...

I think I know what happened!!

I must have deleted all my pictures from my Picasa album!


But what the..., I thought I was deleting those from my mobile memory only! Not from the actual online Picasa album!!



How do I restore them!!


Ahhhhhh! I want to cry now!

What a way to start my short one week summer vacation!!!


Please! Anyone!!



  1. welcome back.. i was wondering about that. I thought it had to be my browser.

    email 'support' and see whats the problem. hope you had a nice vacation :)

  2. Thank you! I am supposed to be vacationing still, yet it seems I'm still suffering from post-semester stress... Not really in the mood for fun activities, yet...

    About this problem, I shall be posting an update soon, in sha' Allah, stay tuned!

  3. I see the picture in the header! did u fix the problem?

  4. Hello Rawan!

    How are you? Thanks for the lovely comment :)

    I'm still working on it. It seems that the pix are forever deleted. So, I am imploding them again.

    I promised to post an update, but things are hectic for me at the moment. I often wish I have extra hands to be more productive! heehee

  5. I did the same thing on my blog with my phone, but i have no back up copies...had my blog for six years!!!...oh well, this is crazy and stupid picasa...should...had...said something...but I'm glad you got yours taken cared of.

  6. Hello Maika,

    I'm sorry for your loss! Picasa should've provided a warning really! I didn't know I was forever deleting the pix; I thought I was only deleting those on my phone. There should've been a warning.

    I'm glad I have saved the pics I have used on my blog on my computer, yet not all of them are kept in one place (I have used multiple computers over the years), so it is a burden to try to re-upload... esp when being too busy as I am nowadays.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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