Friday, May 15, 2009

Vote Right, PLEASE!

Dear Kuwaiti people,

What will you do tomorrow?

Will you vote or not?

I'm so sick of all this 'election' drama that seems never-ending ...

I'm starting to believe we're cursed or something!

"Vote For Kuwait!!"

"Don't Let Kuwait down!!"

"Bring The Old Kuwait Back!!"

are just some of the election cries this time around & every time around ...

Of course, we're going to vote for Kuwait! Last time I checked we were Kuwaitis, right??

Anyways, we all know why they are calling it this way .. no need to go there ...

but with all the frustrating atmosphere we've been livin in (forever it seems), I will never lose faith in Allah, & will keep on hoping there will be a better place.

So, to all those going to vote tomorrow, think first of Allah. Yes, he's rarely thought of in all those candidate logos & cries, isn't he? They've all fixated their goals on Kuwait. Well, that's unquestionable, but you should put God first, then Kuwait, then the Amir.

So, to those who are voting, one more reminder, vote for the one YOU think is gonna be good for Kuwait. DO NOT vote for the one that represents your religious background, or the one that resembles great efforts, or the one that is old, therefore experienced, or the one that's new, therefore fresh blood & mind, or the one who's fighting against the enemies, or the one that has bought your dignity (I mean vote), or the one who's known for screaming their head off at the national assembly, therefore confidant & has a point, or the one who's simply a woman, therefore a feminist, or the one that just looks good, or the one that your dad, husband, brother, neighbour, friend..etc, has asked (instructed) you to vote for, or the one who's your relative, or the one that has helped you before (wasta) or .. or .. or


YOU, ALONE, are convinced of their competence, & really believe they will serve Kuwait rightfully.

So, if you DIDN'T see anyone that your MIND think they're worth it, simply DON'T vote.

Voting isn't compulsory, you know ...

We wish there will be great people out there elected tomorrow that will turn Kuwait to the best; they can never take 'Hope from us.

So, Kuwaiti people, don't get so frustrated, & keep the faith in Allah & hope for a better Kuwait.

The Future of Kuwait is in OUR hands ...

So vote,


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That Poor Baby!

That is the cutest little donkey I have ever seen, but with the saddest story I have ever heard!

Poor Baby! :(

Btw, why don't they let another female donkey nurse him?? lol
But I know I would wanna take care of that helpless baby if I could ... :)

Hope he grows up & get healthier & stronger :D

& kudus to that caring loving woman for taking care of that cute baby donkey!


& I just would like to know WHY did the mother get shot in the first place??? Was it an accident, or was it on purpose??? Why this wasn't included in the news???


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