Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No Sense of Time

Have you ever felt like you don't know what time it is? Like seriously not knowing what day it is. I have. So many times.

I usually get this Loss-of-Sense-of-Time syndrome, when my sleep hours change. For example, this last week in particular, my sleep pattern have really changed. I was sick, & slept all day, & woke up all night!!!

Now, I know most of you know that I have this bad habit of staying up late, but not like this!! I wake up at 11 p.m or 12 a.m, & stay till 12 the second day!!!

My mom's had it with me. She's ran out of nicknames for my bad habit!! She calls me "Khaffasha", which means Bat (or as I call myself, Bat girl!), and "Swayher Ellail", & that means, the one who stays up all night.

My mom is not the only one who's given me nicknames. My aunt calls me "Sharikat Ennom", i.e, "The Company of sleep", & just a few nights ago (I don't know, maybe it was yesterday, I'm still suffering from the syndrome!), my brother gave me a brand new nickname, "Akks Cinderella" or Cinderella The Opposite,(Becuase I come out of my room after 12!)

Anyways, I've woke up early today (way early, 1:00 a.m) & I'm not going to sleep until night comes. That is the only effective way I can fix my sleep dilemma!

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