Friday, July 27, 2007


Hello everyone :)

I'm new here!

I love writing, & i've always wanted to publish my work. I write in both Arabic & English, but I enjoy the latter more. I'm 23, a sudent (currently at Expression, The English Training Centre), & hopefully soon, I will be joining the AOU (Arab Open University).

I'd like to major in English (still dont know if it's going to be Linguistics, or Literature), & also would like to know more about writing in general & journalism in particular.

I'm going to use this blog for simply writing in any subject I think of at any time. That's why I chose " Just a Bunch of Thoughts" to be the title for my blog.

please do reply to my posts, your replies will be most appreciated :)



  1. I just found your blog. The first thing I do when I find a new blog is read the introduction the the last/recent post. Lol. I like both so far. I'll browse through the rest later.

  2. Hello, Chick Flick Journal! Welcome to "Just a Bunch of Thoughts"! Thanks for your lovely visit & comment! Enjoy your visit & discovery! Keep visiting!

  3. oh, just noticed you're my 40th follower! Thanks for following! :D



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