Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is...

Love is a rose that comes in several colors and has many layers. It brightens up the hearts and souls of those who come across it. Some are swept away by its devouring smell of beauty, some are thwarted with its sharp thorns that could cut deep into one's flesh and right into one's heart and soul. 

Like the rose, love needs tender care and a gentle touch to keep it fresh. Once the rose is abandoned and left unattended and cared for, it shall wither away and die. And so shall love. It needs nourishment and a deep foundation in order to grow and live strong. 

What a sad way to live with no love and no care. An empty heart, a cold barren soul equals a lifeless life; a life that is not worth living for. So, don't ever hold back on your chance to love and be loved. Share your heart with all that surrounds you, be it a smile sent your way, or an unexpected gentle gesture from someone on the road, or a hearty laugh sent in by a little kid or caused by a cute little creature, like a bird or a kitten. Whatever it may be, take care of your rose, and your rose shall always grow and never wither away.

Peace and Love, everyone ^_^


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