Thursday, May 10, 2012

R.I.P Meow! They Didn't Really Care About You!

My mom just informed with the saddest news; the death of Meow, the acclaimed heaviest kitty in the world. Immediately I was fluctuating between feeling sad and angry.

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Right now I'm crying.

How could they let him get so fat? It's not like kitties would naturally be overweight! And he was obese?!! This is just infuriating me! Did you know that he was just two years old? HE WAS JUST TWO!!!




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Poor Meow, they didn't really care about you*...

I hope you rest in peace <3


I would like to thank all of those who cared and loved about this precious kitty, people at the Santa Fe Shelter and all other animal shelters around the world. Truly, people who work at these places, and everyone else who genuinely cares about the care of animals, you guys do a great job. I salute you.

Read more about this story here:


*I'm not incriminating a specific person here, I'm only saying that whoever let that kitty get into that miserable shape must not have really cared about the possible consequences of overfeeding this helpless animal. 


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