Monday, August 4, 2008

Airport Alone

Everyone must remember Home Alone. The kid that gets left behind at home while his family leaves for vacation? Well, it's a great movie. But can you really imagine yourself in Kevin McCallister's shoes? What will you do? How are you gonna feel if you knew your family has forgotten you in a not so familiar place like an airport for example? Well, let's leave that question for the 3 year-old girl from Israel, who was forgotten by her parents at the airport while they made their way to the gates.

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I really find it totally odd & shocking that it took the parents 40 minutes to find out that one of their children is missing! & I wish they found out themselves! What were they doing?

If I was in charge, I wouldn't send them the child in another flight. If they want their child, they should come back & get her on their own. Talk about parental negligence.

Kuwait Can Never Forget

No. I did not forget.

I did not forget that last Saturday, the 2nd of August, was the 18th cruel anniversary of the Iraqi invasion. Just exactly 18 yrs ago, I was just a little child, but I could remember.

I could remember the pain & fear I felt every time I see or hear a helicopter or any other plane. I could remember the fear of playing in the garden & “Hosh” & refusing to play in the swings. I still, remember the day my mom went frantic searching for me thinking I was abducted by the Iraqis searching our house at the time. I was oblivious to the real danger I was in, yet I could sense the fear around.

True, I don’t remember that much, & surely I was laughing & playing with the kids my age, but I knew that there was something serious happening. Why did we have to go live in the basement of our neighbor’s? Why did everyone around me spoke differently & weird? Why Iraqis were in Kuwait? I just couldn’t grasp what it really meant to be invaded.

But as I grew up I learnt exactly what was happening. I knew what “Invasion” really means. I knew Kuwait was taken from us against our will.

Well, thanks to God, & everyone who helped us get our freedom back, & now we only have memories of that hateful time Iraqis invaded us. And God willing, it will always be just a memory, a painful memory of those agonizing months in the minds of the people who experienced them.
On August 2nd from each year, Kuwaitis still & will always remember the hurtful invasion.

We will never forget.


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