Friday, October 26, 2007

Erased Memories

We as humans, have this incredible ability to remember things that happened a long time ago. We could remember sweet happy days we once had as if it was yesterday. We could also remember the rainy days.

When we remember the happy moments, we laugh, & smile, & wish we could experience those light-hearted few seconds we had, & we try hard not to forget those good times. But the hard times are the memories everyone wants to forget, but can't.

Today, I was driving up a road that I haven't driven in in a very long time. My spirit was up, & everything was fine. However, my heart started to beat up, & I felt my throat starting to choke, as I passed next to an area I had not been to in ages. I stopped singing along with the CD I had on, as memories started to float from no where. Memories of pain.

I sighed, & wondered when will I be able to forget, & start living again. I wished that I could just be able to erase those certain memories from my mind. If I could just delete them forever. Discard that file rotting in my brain. But alas, it is not possible. True there are ways to cause memory loss, but that would erase all your memory, wouldn't?

What would we do if we lost all our memories? We would forget all about the bad things ever happened. That would be fine. But what about the times we laughed out loud? What about the times we appreciated life? What about the times we wished life never ends? How could we forget the faces of the people we all love & cherish? How could we forget about our mothers? Fathers? Our children? Our friends? Spouses? & anyone else that we love?

That just tells us that memory is truly is a blessing. May God always let us remember the good times, & helps us to be at peace with the hard ones.


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